24 Pro Blogging: Why aspiring analysts must undergo Spark big data training?

11 May 2018

Why aspiring analysts must undergo Spark big data training?

Posted by Shubhi Gupta at 18:36

The business world witnessed an unforeseen, unanticipated revolution upon the arrival of big data.  It is no secret that big data has actually enabled the businesses to accomplish everything that was conceptualized and envisioned earlier.  As big data proved out to be a game changer at a decision making level in the business world, most of the organizations have started joining hands with expert analysts who possess exhaustive understanding of interactive and systematic analyses of big data using Spark shell.  That’s why experts believe that all the aspiring big data analysts must undergo all-inclusive Spark big data training in order to become more proficient at all the tasks pertaining to business analytics.   These Spark specific big data trainings can help analysts in multifarious ways, and herein we would focus on a few pivotal facets.

v  Develop expertise in using RDDs:  As businesses nowadays are highly enticed by the efficiency of RDDs to create varied range of applications, it becomes quite crucial for business analytics to know how these resilient distributed datasets can be used for creating applications in Spark.  This is such a crucial knowledge for any analyst that most of the organizations worldwide are willingly joining hands with analysts on an attractive monetary terms.

v  Comprehend the limitations of MapReduce and how Spark can overcome those:  MapReduce cluster computing has various inherent limitations, and one of the biggest challenges is that it forces one specific linear dataflow on a defined set of distributed programs.  On the flipside, architectural foundation of Spark is RDD (Resilient Distributed Dataset), and this can primarily defined as a read-only multiset of data items which is usually distributed across a cluster of diverse machines.  Thus, Spark’s RDDs function predominantly as a defined working set for varied range of distributed programs.  You can learn all these comprehensively by undergoing strategic Spark big data training.

v  Master the concept of SQL:  It is no surprise that a professional analyst is expected to have a thorough understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL).  As most businesses that are keen to strategize their organizational planning framework and add more far-sightedness in their decision making processes are wholeheartedly welcoming analysts who have mastered Structured Query Language using SparkSQL, it becomes a must for aspiring business analytics to learn those concepts by attending comprehensive Spark specific trainings or course before embarking a professional journey.

v  Gain comprehensive knowledge of iterative algorithms:  Spark ensures the smooth implementation of iterative algorithms, and this has been a major reason behind the worldwide popularity of Spark in the field of big data analyses.  Owing to this inherent attribute, the latency of an applications created on Spark is reduced exponentially.  When you would undergo the highly enriching Spark big data training, you would gain precise understanding of how these concepts can be implemented to perform real-world business functions and projects.
Conclusion: If you would consider all these facets, you would easily conclude that it is extremely important for an aspiring business analytics to join Spark specific big data training.

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