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14 Nov 2016

Things Involved In Porting Your Mobile

Posted by Shubhi Gupta at 14:32
Locked Phones

If you want to keep the same handset while switching carriers, you could have a problem because some prepaid and postpaid phones are SIM locked. They will accept SIM cards only from the carrier.

Locking is not a problem if you’re going from prepaid to postpaid or vice versa as long as it is with the same carrier.

Carriers usually charge you a fee or make you use up certain value of prepaid credit to unlock the phone.

Changing SIMs

Most often porting will involve changing your existing SIM. The exception is when you are changing from prepaid to postpaid or vice versa with the same carrier. Sometimes, you may want to change the SIM for a different reason. For instance, you may change to a new SIM that gives you extra memory for phone book entries or to take advantage of certain network or handset features.

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Handset Changes

A key reason people switch carriers is to take advantage of a new offer that comes with a trendy handset. Porting between carriers need not always involve changing your handset. You can use your old handset instead.

If you are changing from one network to a more advanced network, you will need a new handset. For instance, if you’re porting from 2.5G network to 3G network or from GSM to CDMA networks, you will need a new handset that works with the new network.

It may be possible in some cases to reprogram CDMA handsets. However, this cannot be done at most retail outlets. In most cases, porting from one CDMA provider to another will require a change of handset due to the technical difficulties sometimes experienced in reprogramming phones.

Transferring Phone Book Data From one SIM to Another

A common problem experienced by customers when transferring between carriers is the need to re-enter the phone book data all over. Is there a way to avoid re-keying data? A few retailers have machines that copy phone book data from one SIM to another, so your best bet would be to check with your retailer. Alternatively, commercially available SIM backup units let you back up your phone book data or transfer between SIM cards. Yet another way of transferring data is to copy the phone book data from your old SIM to the phone and then back from the phone to the new SIM.

However, not all mobile phones are equipped with this feature, especially the older phones.
Note that services such as fax, call barring, voicemail, and international roaming will not be automatically transferred. You have to set them up again with your new carrier.

Cancelling a Mobile Number

This is a common mistake that can have dire consequences. You are planning to switch carriers and want to pay the final bill and close your account with your existing carrier. So you call up your carrier requesting it to cancel your plan. In about a week, you pay off the final bill and then head to the nearest retailer to sign up with a new plan. To your dismay, you are told you cannot get your old number with the new plan because you have already cancelled your number.

That’s right. Once you cancel a number, you can’t get it back. So the correct way to switch carriers is to sign up with the new carrier and then port your number over to the new carrier. The old account gets cancelled automatically and the number gets transferred to your new carrier. Satta matka guessing

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